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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Enjoying the celebrations!

Happy Chinese New year to all my Chines friends!!!!!!!!!!                                               Feb. 8, 2016

 It is a time of lots of fireworks, firecrackers, 紅包, and delicious food! I seriously have never been so full in my life. It's like having thanksgiving every single day for a week. Can't complain! It has been an amazing experience to be able to meet so many non-members in a non-threatening environment.
Our dinner appointment

 Last night was probably one of the funnest nights of my life. We had to dinner appointments, the first was full of great food and company. The second we were invited to by an RC. She said that she had a lot of family there and wanted us to meet them. So they picked us up to drive us to the house. Let me tell you, this was no ordinary Taiwanese house. It was a 老家 way up in the mountains way out of the city. We pull in and it is this sick old style house. Ya know, the one that has three sides (like a square without one side) The doors are tall wood with a cool Chinese saying above the door. Once we pulled in the door opens and floods light into the courtyard. In the doorway to the main room is like 40 people. It was a little funny at the beginning cause it was awkwardly dead silent. (they didn't know we were foreigners so they were nervous that they would have to speak English)
What a great week we've had. Happy Chinese New Year!

 But once we broke the ice it was a party! Words cannot explain how fun it was. So loud, so much food and a huge family reunion. The Grandma that was there was 99 years old! How awesome is that!? When we left they all wanted pics, I felt like a celebrity since there were tons of cameras, with some excited Asian behind it saying look here look here! Anyway we built some good relationships and I think they will be able to become so sweet investigators later on. 

Other than that? There was a big earth quake did ya hear? Yeah that was fun.(He's developed his sarcasm well haha) It was pretty big, even in Taipei but we are all safe and sound. Please pray for the people in the worst hit area like Tainan. There are many people still missing. 

MLC was great! We talked about my favorite thing: working with members. Seriously it is the best way to do missionary work. And there is a big difference between a referral and an investigator. So anyway we will be working a lot closer with the ward from here on out. I am excited for Zone meeting, it should be lots of fun. 

Love you all so much.Thanks for all the support and love you give me! 

Beautiful Chinese Temple
So much food and fun
Elder Roe

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