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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The work just keeps on paying off. God multiplies our efforts!

Hello everyone!                                                                                            Jan. 18, 2016

Hope that you had as great of a week as I did.... but I doubt that is possible! For starters last week we went to Costco! Sing praises for American products! Mostly we just went around and tasted all of the samples haha. Then Elder Bellingham asked me on the way out, do you think we could find granola bars? (I was about to say no, since that doesn't exist in Taiwan) But then I look just past him and on the shelf in front of us.... IS A BOX OF GRANOLA BARS! AND! They were not even in the right spot, they were misplaced and put there by some shopper. If that isn't 神的安排 then I don't know what is! (so obviously we got it)
District at Costco!!! What a fun experience!

Also this week was the the Presidential election. We are next to a MRT station with a big plaza so like every night there was a thing for the candidates.... lots of yelling and bad singing, and chanting. It was pretty fun to see the Taiwanese get pumped up about something! In the end 蔡英文 came out on top, didn't see that coming. (JOKE! everyone saw that coming) So there is your world news. It was big for Taiwan, their first female Pres.
One of the presidential advertisments!!! Taiwan Style!

On the same day as voting, was  JM 何姐妹’s baptism! It was awesome. She was found just by the missionaries inviting her to a ward activity while on the MRT. From the get go, she was incredible! She overcame a lot of challenges and was so 認真 (like...hardworking, diligent) in all the invites we gave her. She invited her older sister, brother in law, and little sister to the baptism! And they all really like it. Her testimony was amazing! And she ended by saying "I am so excited to introduce the gospel to my family, it has been the greatest blessing in my life." She is incredible!
What an amazing young lady! Her testimony is powerful.

Kind of a funny story. We often tell the old grandpa's how young they look just to make them feel good, they are so cute. But this week this guy was talking to us and my comp said how young he looked, they grandpa and like no no no you are much younger! Then my comp said "I'm 90 years old." They grandpa was silent and just started at him for a second... the with his fist slammed in down on Elder Bellingham's head! It was soooooooooo funny! I was dying! The grandpa was like, that's my personality, if someone tries to deceive me I just wack 'em! Then he told us how Jesus Christ would do the same thing! I don't know about that, but it was funny. They other pic of the old man is just this crazy guy he was also really funny, but he didn't hit us, hence it was save to take a picture. 

This coming wee we will have another baptism for  DX! He is also incredible! He was been preparing himself for baptism for 6 months and then one Sunday just walked into our Chapel. It was a huge miracle. He is amazing! 

Love you all and hope you have a amazing week! 

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