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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Great start to a promising new year!

Hello dear family!                                                                                           Jan. 4, 2016

This week was super fun! Started off going on exchanges with Elder Falk! He is from Sweden has the coolest accent ever! I told him Taylor served in Norway which he thought that was awesome. Then he taught me some Norwegian... haha SOOO grateful I aint learning that! Then I also went on exchanges with Elder Petermann from Oklahoma. We taught a great lesson to H J and he shared a super touching testimony. I love our zone so much, everyone in it is super incredible! 

This was taken the day Taylor was dropped at the MTC... April 17, 2013
  Port is dang glad he isn't learning Norwegian haha...
but Mandarin Chinese doesn't seem like it'd be any easier      
This week was also MLC, which was amazing as usual! There are some insane changes going on, with transfer meetings, exchanges, etc. You can really tell that there is a huge hastening of the work! Then to end the week both H J and LDX passed their interviews! So we will be having two baptisms here really soon.

The Lord is truly Hastening the Work!

 Then in Church a guy came that had met missionaries 5 years ago. We met with him, he said he has been preparing to be baptized and loves our Church. So we are excited to have a opportunity to work with him. His name is LN.  Also the sisters in our ward should have two baptisms this month so for our ward that is 5 souls coming unto Christ. Pretty good start to the new year! So great! :) For New Years... we did nothing. I had to say since I knew you would ask, but we got some great sleep :) 

This was Taiwan on New Yrs Eve....Port didn't see it but his Mom did on the news! haha

2016 is going to be a crazy year! I am so excited! Looking forward to all the work ahead, we have some promising people we get to work with. The church is true, this is the Lord's work and we are so blessed to be apart of it. I love you all! Have an amazing week! 

Elder Roe 

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