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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Kindness

Hello Everybody.                                                                                             Dec. 28, 2015

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas! I know I sure did! It was super fun to be able to Skype with the family. So much has changed. But all for good :) Super fun to see Beckett growing up. After we skyped, the family that we were with was super nice and fed as a delicious lunch! After that we had a very long day of finding. We saw so many miracles! I love Christmas :). I was thinking about it and I don't think there was one person that we really tried to talk to that rejected us! That was super awesome! The next day we had a huge choir activity in 樹林 which was pretty darn fun. 
What a great time reconnecting!!!
Wonderful family who let us Skype and fed us a delicious meal!
Hello, Merry Christmas Family Skype!

One of the hits of the week was the big mission party. One of my favorite parts which I am sure was the majority of missionaries favorite part was the dedicatory site. When we first come to Taiwan, one of our first days we drive up to 圓山大飯店, The Grand Hotel, which was where Taiwan was dedicated to the Lord. Or as it was phrased in the prayer, "the China Realm." We then spread out across the property and say our own dedicatory prayer to the Lord for our time here in Taiwan. This week we stood at the lower steps in a canopy of trees on the hill down from the massive landmark and Pres. Jergensen read to us the dedicatory prayer. It was so, so, so spiritual. It was incredible to see all that has come true! How welcomed we are, the service members give, and the growth of the Church! It really is the gateway for Chinese people to hear the gospel.
Skinny building in Taiwan

 Afterward we were given a few minutes to walk around and ponder on our mission. It was amazing to be able to be back there. Seeing as we don't serve anywhere near there this was my first time really being back in this area. It was so... I don't know "touching" I guess you could say, to reflect back on the time that has past and what has happened up until now. It is amazing what God can do to those that come unto him, he has truly fulfilled the scripture in Ether which says, And if men come unto me will show unto them their weaknessgive unto men weakness that they may be humble; anmy grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will make weak things become strong untthem." 

Now I mean obviously there is still a lot that is weak. But I know I am at least better than I was when I came here. I feel so grateful for all that I have learned and am really looking forward to continue to grow.
 Truly the most wonderful, loving people on earth!

This week we also went Christmas Caroling. Let's just say it was... super hilarious. I loved it! It is fun to see Taiwan start to embrace a little bit of Christian culture. I feel so blessed to be in a place that is so unfamiliar with our traditions. There are the sweetest, most gracious people. I love them all so much! 

I hope that you all have a fantastic week! 

Much Love,

Elder Roe

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