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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Typhoon made for a slow week but faith wins out in the end

Hello dear family and friends!                                                                July 12, 2015

This week was a roller coaster ride! Oh, also full of rain seeing as the typhoon came. Now, can I just say, it was super duper 還好. Like we have had worse storms in Utah and there isn't any ocean over there. But that did cause for a lot of people to not want to meet with us or go outside because they thought they would die or something. So I am hoping that there are no more typhoons because it's really 不方便. The day of the typhoon was super rough. So the next day we set lots of time aside to find and work really hard.
 My companion looked a little skeptical about finding which makes sense since the entire day we hadn't talked to anyone but I promised him we would see miracles the next day. And guess what? WE DID! The best part was that we got 4 New Investigators! :) In one day. :) Yeah that was awesome! And all the lessons we had and Book of Mormons placed we barely had to do anything for! Literally it was almost like the people started talking to us! So that was super awesome! I hope that everyday can be like that. :)

Other than that, our investigators have seemed to just be in a rutt. Not really 退步ing but also not 進步ing. We are really trying find the prepared people but lately it seems we have only really been able to find those that are prepared only to meet again but not quite for baptism. A little frustrating. But I have learned that we don't really get to control where they are at in life. We invite and sometimes all they can do at that time is make it through one lesson, accept a book of Mormon and then they aren't ready to go further. But later on, down the road the have the tools necessary to continue. So it's a process. 

Also I was very kindly reminded from a few people that I passed the year mark. Yeah... I don't really even want to think about that. Time has gone way way way too fast! I think I will just extend to a 3 year mission 就好了.

This week we were also able to meet the Jergensen Family a little bit more. They are all so great! I am really excited for them to be in Taiwan and I know that they are going to work miracles in this mission! So awesome! 

Well that's all I got for now. They Church is true. Jesus is the Christ. The Gospel is the key! Sending much love your way!!! 

Elder Roe 
PS Pres Jergensen invites you all to check out the website taiwantaipeimission.com

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