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Monday, June 8, 2015


大家好!                                                                                            June 8, 2015

How are you all doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Today is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Taiwan! So hopefully it's the same for you and ya'll can go outside and enjoy summer. Oh yeah, HAPPY SUMMER! Congrats to making it out of school! That in itself is a accomplishment so sure! We had a great week this week full of awesomeness! We are having lots of improvement in our area and our investigators are doing really awesome! Especially W, he came to Church this week and even came to the New Member/Investigator fireside last night. He has his date set for the 20th of June so we are getting everything prepared for that. I am really praying that it all goes smoothly, 1. because I want him to be happy and not have any problems, and 2. because that is most likely my last Sat. in MuZha and I would LOVE to see him get baptized. Tonight we are sharing the Commandments with him so please pray for him that everything will go really smoothly! 
What an incredible hike

Something was shared by our member in Church yesterday that I thought was really awesome that I want to tell ya'll about. Mostly cause I think it really relates to us as missionaries and people. He has a adorable little daughter named Sonny, and she loves to roller skate. During here roller skating class (Since this is Taiwan they have classes for roller skating,  don't ask questions) he noticed something that he thought was really interesting. The teacher would randomly out of the blue yell 跌掉! (trip) And all the little kids would just fall to the ground. at first he was just like what they heck are they doing? Why is the teacher making my daughter purposefully fall to the ground. But upon further observance he learned the 原因.  1. They would practice falling so that when they did fall they would now how to fall without getting injured. 2. They would fall, so that they would practice how to get back up.
This one looks a little crazy to Mom!

We practice falling so that we can't get injured.  We don't know when we'll fall but when it hits, it hurts. BAD. But God has provided us the tools we need to not get injured. We have the teachings of prophets, scriptures, church leaders, and most importantly prayer. We might hurt, and get scraped up a little bit but we don't have to get injured to where we need drastic measures to heal. When the trials come the faith you have is what will determine whether or not break or endure.

We can't always control when we fall, sometimes we pick up so much speed and we get going so fast that we lose control and fall. Or other times there is unseen gravel, or debris that cause our wheels to jam and send us to the ground. Regardless of the reason the most important part is that we get back up. Each time we get back up after a trial or hardship we are just practicing for the next piece of unseen gravel. 
The lush landscape of Taiwan, what a view!

And just like when I child falls and gets back up, perhaps with a few scrapes and tears, the parent is there in a flash with loving open arms. I am so grateful that, that parent understands everything he is the creator of my spirit. So I think it's fair to say if anyone knows how to help me heal it is Him. 

I hope that when we all fall we will use our preparation, fall with grace and be sure to get back up.

I love you all have a great week!
Elder Roe

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