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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Greetings from Taiwan,                                                                                     Dec 15, 2014

Hoping as usual, your week was awesome! I am also really praying that you guys get some snow cause that would really stink if there isn't any. My week was so crazy, the days were very long and the week went so so so fast!
 Last Monday we had a dinner appointment up at one of the colleges in our area called Zhong Hua, we started biking up this HUGE hill. Like in all honesty if I was anything but a missionary you couldn't pay me enough money to bike up that thing it is straight up. We finally get to the top and stop around Huang MaMa's house. Then I ask my companion how much further it is and he was like, "Oh, it's about 20 minutes more that way" and "that way" just happened to entail going further up the mountain. Oh my gosh my legs were burning haha, there is no way I will get fat on the mission just because of these hills. I guess I should be thankful right?
Hey I got my humongous Christmas box!!!!
 Anyway there is a point to this story, the trip was totally worth it because we met with the member and he brought two friends. We did intros and they were both from Dalu! (mainland china)  I love meeting with them so much because 1. their Chinese is always more clear and easier to understand, Taiwanese accent is a little different 2. THEY ARE SO PREPARED!!!!!!!! Every time I have met a mainland Chinese person they have been so accepted of the gospel and our values. I hope we will get to continue to meet with them.
Arrived early and locked out

 We actually taught a Chinese boy for a couple of weeks and then he took his Book of Mormon to class and a professor say it and just "ma'ed" him out about it. And told him he couldn't meet with us or be baptized because China doesn't support our Church and he wasn't allowed to join our Church. (which is false, when they come on the study abroad it is their own choice at that point but we don't want to step on any toes) When he called us to tell us this he was really heartbroken, but said he was going to continue to read the Book of Mormon everyday! I know that when China finally opens to our religion he will be one of the first to come and join the true restored gospel of Jesus Christ! After that I was once again reminded with how blessed I am to grow up where I was able to have this in my life!

This week we also had the opportunity to go and help our Bishop move! I always thought it was fun to help people move but it turned out to be a really really comical day. This isn't a bad thing it is just one of the cultural differences between America and Taiwan. But here when you get married you stay in your house and  your spouse moves in with you and when your kids get married they stay too. So you usually have 3 generations living in the same house their entire lives. So since that is the way it is here, they very rarely move because there is no need. So they whole time they were looking at the fridge and TV trying to figure out how on earth they were going to lift it and move it. Me and Elder Illu just walked it and picked up the fridge and took it down 5 flights of stairs and put it in the truck. It was the funniest thing ever, they were all in shock! They whole day and at church the next day they just kept saying, we can't figure out how you two moved that all on your own! I'm just thinking, well you just pick it up and go.... It's all good just a funny cultural difference. 
We got quiged Pizza! Delicious!!!

Last of all, our investigator Lin JM is going to get baptized on the 27th! we are so excited for her! She is so rock solid and really wants this gospel to change her life and affect her family. She is actually only in Xin Zhu for a little while going to physical therapy but lives in Taipei. So she will actually be their baptism but we are teaching her. It doesn't matter though who gets the number we are just so happy to see her make this decision and become a very strong member in the Church! She is so diligent! Every time we teach she goes through the BoM with all these great questions, I wish I had her work ethic!

Well that's about it! I love you all and miss you all! A huge shout out to my Mom this week HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope all your wildest dreams come true! Thanks for everything!
Port and me in Seattle last Spring. 

Elder Roe

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