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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Thanksgiving Orange

Hello all,                                                                                                        Dec. 1, 2014

Well I hope that everyone had a really good week! And that all of your bellies are full to the brim!!! In my opinion there is really no greater holiday. Even we celebrated it in our own little way! We started off the day with some (really terrible) singing of: "The Star Spangled banner" "America the Beautiful" and one more.... that I can't remember. But yeah it was pretty patriotic. Good to be from America.

Man, I just love this work!

 Then that night we went to see a woman by the name of Huang Mamma. I don't know if I have told ya'll about her though so I'll do a quick intro. She is 81 years old, her husband is 87 and is pretty sick so he stays at the hospital. She is VERY wealthy she has three houses on her property that are American style which is crazy. In Taiwan that's a couple million dollars.

 And I'm basically her favorite, well.... maybe not. But she does like us. We will go up and do service for her sometimes. Anyway so we went up there and knocked on the door just to see how she was doing. She was happy to see us and told us to go sit down out side and a table thing she has on her patio.

 She went back inside and then when she came out she had 2 oranges! She gave them to us and then we all talked for a while, looked and the stars and ate oranges. We talked to her for a while, she told us stories of her life. Someone with that much time on them has some pretty awesome experiences. So even though I didn't get to be with my family, eat a turkey, or home made rolls, or ham, or have slush, or pie. It was ok. Because while I was sitting there one the patio over looking beautiful Taiwan, looking at stars, and chilling with Huang Mama it was just as good as all of that. Because I got to spend Thanksgiving with someone else who is lonely and family is far away. I pray that one day she will let us actually teach her a lesson though!
Huang Mama who gave me an orange on Thanksgiving!!!

A couple days later we had a Thanksgiving dinner with our ward! And they did such a good job!!! They cooked Chicken and had a lot of food there, including some tasty rolls and salad. It was actually super tasty and was a lot like America. I think the reason they have the party is mostly for the missionaries so that was really nice of them. It was a blast to get to talk with the members for a while and meet some new people! 

This week is going to be a really great week because our investigator Zhong DX is getting baptized! I am so happy that he had made this decision and is going to follow through and enter in to this amazing covenant. I know that it will bless his life immensely! Well that's about all I have for this week! 
Triple Scoop....life is good!

The Church is true. It will bless your life more than anything else!!! Trust in God in all things and you will never be disappointed! I love you all and miss you. Praying for you always!

Elder Roe

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