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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rollercoaster Ride

大家好!                                                                                                                Aug 25, 2014

This week has been, as the title indicates, a rocky week. Although something that I am quickly finding is that when there are hard things there so many tender mercies that God gives us along the way. So to start off, there has been a pretty bad sickness going around our zone. Half of our District was out, including my companion.In fact it was a little funny because in every companionship there was one that was healthy and one that was sick. I was able to hold on for most of the week but am getting a little cough now. But no worries I'm alright! Then on the way up, this Friday we got our flight plans!!!! This is like the most exciting day at the MTC! The plan is that we will be leaving the MTC at 6:00 AM on September 5th!
  We will fly from Salt Lake City straight to Tokyo, Japan and have a little layover there. Then it is a straight shot the rest of the way to Taipei, Taiwan!  As you can imagine we were all on cloud 9! Then the head of our department came into our class and told us that our Visas had not come through and that we would be staying another week here in Provo. We were crushed. It was hard to get our hopes up and then come crashing down. We tried to just keep reminding ourselves that everything happens for a reason.
 Then class ended and we walked out into the hallway and the same man was out there. And he told us "They came through, we are good to go!" So then we got our hopes up and were so happy again! It was a big scare and we were a little skeptical and still are. But I am praying that everything goes smoothly so that we can leave on our planned date.
 Then we got our mail and I got one of the worst letter's I could have gotten. I was told the my dog, my best friend had died. I was so sad! It was really rough news, especially when I realized how long we had been together, 13 years! I love that dog so much! But I'm all good, I know that all dogs go to heaven so we'll be okay!
Porter and Turbo playing together this summer!
My faithful friend
 But then last of all to finish the roller coaster off right our Zhongwen name-tags came!!!! And they look so awesome! We are encouraged not to wear them here since no one can read them, but I will for sure not because I want to wear it for the first time in Taiwan! 

Last week I told you all that we would be teaching a native last week. Well we did and after a couple of computer difficulties it was awesome! Such a neat experience, I love the Chinese people! Such good happy personalities. I shared a scripture with him, it was Moroni's promise at the end of chapter 10. When he flipped there is started jumping up and down a exclaiming that this was HIS favorite scripture! He read so fast that I couldn't even follow along. It was so neat to see that a scripture that has touched my life so much has made it across the globe to effect someone else that I couldn't never ever known in my life. That's just prove that this is the true gospel and that the work is hastening. 

Last night I went to watch Elder Holland's "Miracle of a Mission" talk. If that doesn't get people pumped then I don't now what does! A few things that he said that were so awesome were: "This is real life! You don't serve a mission and go home to real life in fact this is probably the closest you will ever get to real life so you better not waste one single minute!" Also he shared the story of the Son's of Mosiah. And talked about the part where they were astonished. He told us, "Go out and astonish someone!" So folks, that's the goal. I don't have time here to waste to figure out how to get things my way and God's way. There is only his way. Elder Holland also said that his mission changed him more than any other missionary that has ever served. Unfortunately for the first time I think ever I will have to disagree with him. I never thought I would say those words. But my mission is changing and will change me more than anyone that has ever gone on a mission. Because it already has. Salvation isn't cheap, and it is what matters. I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and want to come as close to them as possible.

Jensen and I were laughing at people who iron only 1 side of their shirts and forget the other side....then he did it! Laughed my head off!
One last story. Before we were given our name-tags one of the Laoshi's who was subbing and would be handing them out asked if he could share a story: He is from Singapore and when he was 18 he woke up at 5 AM and marched out to the square for a ceremony. This day he was joining the military. The would call them each up one at a time by name and then present them with a gun. They told him, this will pay for the next two years. Having a gun was very significant because no one in Singapore owns weapons or carries a gun. Except for military. So it was a symbol that set you apart. One that said you had authority and power. Then he told us this is the same with these tags. They are the real deal. They will set us apart, and they show that we have authority and power given to us by Jesus Christ. When people see the name-tags they would know what they represent. So we needed to always wear with honor. Never to defile what we are representing. After that story, when he present us our Zhongwen mingpai it totally made the experience so much more neat and important.
My authentic nametag from Taiwan arrived!!!

I love you all and am praying for you guys! The Church is true!

Elder Roe

ps...Just found out about the two Elders who died in Taiwan. My heart is breaking for the families and all the missionaries there. Pray for them.

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