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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Disappointment is felt. Tender Mercies of the Lord appear.

Hey Everybody,
                                                                                                        Nov 18, 2105
This week was probably one of the hardest. It was still great of course just a few disappointments! Our investigator kind of got cold feet. Sort of. She had this super rough trial hit her so that was sad and it just kind of rocked her faith. We had about three days without hearing from her and then she sent us a text saying that she was disappointed in humanity and needed some time to like.... 修正 herself... I don't know how to say that in English. So yeah we were bummed.... we cried. It is hard when you put so much energy, and passion, and time into someone trying to help them and then they let you down. But I am sure that she will come around we have some members that are still able to keep in contact with her. (MEMBERS ARE SO IMPORTANT!) So that is really awesome. 

Other than that I went on exchanges this week with two missionaries that it was their first week in Taiwan. So. much. fun. New missionaries have so much faith. They are a little overwhelmed, but excited, and are so humble because they need a lot of help. I enjoyed it again and made me remember to continue to rely on the Lord. I had lots of stories and journal entries that could 安慰他們. But I am sure they will be very effective servants of the Lord.
My Church house here in Taiwan

We were also able to take a investigator to the Taipei "temple square" tour. He loved it. His wife has been a member for a long time but he hasn't ever joined the Church. Everyone already thinks he is a member because he comes to Church every week to help take care of the kids etc. Like I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to give him a calling haha. 

This upcoming week should be fun. Got some fun exchanges coming up as well as some fun finding activities. 雖然 this week was a little bit of a let down, but God is sooo good!On Friday Elder Elliott and I were both a little bit down. Just a bit sad with all that had happened with our investigator and all. But we prayed  we would have energy and have a bit more desire to go outside and do the work. That night we saw a crazy miracle. We had a lesson set up with a referral we got from 台南 which is in the TaiZhong mission. This guy was golden. Because of the referral system and all it had been a few months since they originally contacted him. But he had been keeping all commitments like prayer, and reading the Book of Mormon etc. Even though he doesn't have a Christian background he already had a lot of faith in Christ because of these invites. We talked about baptism and he was really all for it. Said that he had a lot of guilt and shame from previous mistakes and was really ready for a new start. So we set a date for Christmas and he is willing to work really hard to work towards that. It made up a bit for the big disappointment. I mean it made up a lot for it but we were REALLY down, that's why God gave us such a big miracle. So yeah. I am excited for him! :) 
Fun time with my Recent Converts who came to spend some time with me awhile ago

Other than that all is good! We are looking forward to next week when Elder Stevenson comes. (He is picking up Kyle) So we are having a mission conference with him. It should be super duper awesome!!! (Porter is referring to our brand new Apostle Elder Gary Stevenson!!! His Son serves in Taipei Mission also!)

Love you all hope all is well! 

Elder Roe

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