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Monday, June 29, 2015

Lessons learned from President and Sister Day

Hey Everyone,                                                                                        June 29, 1015

Alrighty, so for starters: I am still in 木柵! Yeah I know crazy right!? But my son left me! Elder S was the one that moved. luckily he didn't move too far he is still in Taipei so that is okay I will still be able to see him :) But I have a great new companion. His name is Elder Afrom Stansbury Park. He is a perfect example of what a missionary should be. He is quiet but has a great spirit about him, I am really excited to work with him. He is actually the same mission age as Elder S so he just finished training so still pretty young. It'll be a really fun transfer though. Basically after last week we set everything to base zero. Except for those that were really progressing we dropped. So that means lots of time to find etc. Poor Elder A, like his first day in 木柵 we had about 4 hours of contacting. But it was a blast! And we found some prepared people so that was good. That is the whole goal, find PREPARED people not just people. There is a huge difference.
The real Capt. America

This last transfer meeting was AWFUL!!!!!!!!! So many missionaries who I love so much went home. I cried. Okay not totally but I may or may not have been teary eyed. Along with it being Pres. and Sis. Day's last transfer meeting, It was pretty heart wrenching. I have learned so much from them. It is hard to really explain in words but their example has helped me so much. Something that they really had a knack for was a catch phrase principle. Just a few are: Rip off the roof, you have beautiful feet, bring honor to the family name, are there giants in the land? and will you go!? Yeah I think the saying, "guess you had to be there" really has to be taken into account here cause unless you were here, you have no idea what most of those mean. So since that is the case I will say this, they have taught me, never give up, never give in, and never go home. I am so grateful to them and all they have taught me. I love them to pieces. This is their last day and President J will arrive tomorrow. Lots of craziness!
Elder A; my new companion! He is an awesome missionary!

Something that I learned from this week was from a street contact. It was the end of a night and I saw a guy sitting on his scooter. We rode over to talk to him and right from the get go he was not really wanting to talk. I felt like I should give him a few opportunities though, so I kept asking him some questions and like most Taiwanese people after 3 minutes they start to open up. He told me he didn't have a religion, and didn't believe in God. I asked him why that was and he responded that it was because he couldn't see or hear God. 
The cool part came after that though, the thought came into my mind to use this little comparison. I asked him if in this world there is love? He responded: "Yeah, but very little!" (very pessimistic) I told him while that may be true, it does exist and that is the point for what I wanted to share. I then asked if he could see love (this part makes mores sense it Chinese since they way it is asked clearly distinguishes it as a object) He said: "Well... no." I said," that is right we cannot see love but we can see the result (結果) of love". For example if I bought some food for someone to eat, it would be because I love them which is a form of love.
Mango as big as my face! Booyah!
" So can you see my actual love"? No. But you can see the result of it for sure. I then told him that God is the same. While we might not be able to see or hear him we can see the results of him existing. (If this doesn't make sense I am sorry translating is rough sometimes) For example we have: religion, scriptures, leaders etc. Just like you cannot deny love, neither can you deny God. This seemed to catch his interest and he was at least willing to give me his cell phone number so we will give him a call and see where it goes. But it was a great learning experience. 

Other than that? I had to 突然 give a talk in Church yesterday. It was a good experience. But I have to admit I never thought I would be able to talk for 15 minutes in Chinese. God is a God of miracles! :) 

That about sums up my week. We are working hard and I am stoked to still be in 木柵! I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all!!!!!

Elder Roe

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