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Monday, February 2, 2015

Best Day of my Life

Hello Family and Friends,                                                                           Feb, 2, 2015

What a great couple of Days! After I emailed you all this last week, some of us missionaries went for an adventure in Taipei. Most of us had never seen Taipei 101 up close so we decided to go there. THAT THING IS HUGE! Like beyond comprehension huge haha. We walked out of the MRT and out the doors and then we all just looked up. We were all in awe haha. The weather was super poor so we didn't go up to the top because if we did we would be just be up in the clouds.

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Taipei 101....extending into the clouds! WOW!
 We ate in Taipei and it reminded me how happy I don't have to buy my food there. It's so much more expensive haha. So that was a super fun day. Then Thursday I had a miracle! A girl that Elder Illu and I taught by the name of L was incredible. She actually was from Taipei and went to Church in Taizhong due to family things but yeah. Anyway the important part is after her baptismal date we never got to see or talk to her again. So we had no idea how it went or if she even got baptized!

 So on Thursday I called her and she answered! She told me she was baptized, it was a incredible experience and that she was faithfully serving in a ward it Taipei. She also told me that she had been to the Temple just two weeks ago! I was so happy to know that my RC was serving the Lord in the temple doing those sacred ordinances of baptism! Also another crazy miracle. A guy came up and asked me if our Church had an activity he could attend. I gave him so info and then introduced myself as Elder 羅. He was pretty surprised and said that the first missionary that ever talked to him 10 years ago had the same name. Then when I called him so he would have our number his number was already there! Yes 10 years ago he had met and talked to missionaries and the number was in the exact phone I had! Crazy!

W Was baptized on this Saturday!!! It was so great and he was so happy.
One of the very best days of my life

The water was FREEZING! But afterward when he gave his testimony he said he didn't feel cold at all! He just felt really warm inside. Yesterday he was given the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. To see someone come unto God after a year of investigating the church. Wow what a great miracle. We are also preparing to have another baptism this week. A young boy by the name of J. He is 17, and he is incredible. He absolutely loves the gospel and has such a strong testimony. This month was full of great miracles and we are moving into the next month with even more! I love this work!
Yeah, love our little district!!!

I hope that everyone had a great week! I love you all and think of you all the time! I hope that we can all remember the sacred covenants that we made at baptism and do our best to live accordingly! Love you all!

Elder Roe
p.s. Tell Ri he is a stud and I love him to death! He was so kind to say those things about me. I am thrilled with Cam and happy he broke that min mark on his backstroke!!! Tell Adam, Ri and Cam to go kill it at State!!! Thinking of them. And, why is Jacque dressed in street clothes on Sen night photo you sent me??? Glad Brenna is playing so good in volleyball...keep it up Boos. Oh and that stinks that the Seahawks lost that way...I am so sad now!!! 

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